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Please do not call until you’ve read every word of this page. We know you (like many of your neighbors) are in an emergency situation, and you’re in a hurry, and don’t want to read much.  But there’s a good chance your search for help ends here – if only you stick with us for a few minutes.  You’ll find a link to our 4-hour Rescue service at the very bottom of this page, but again, you must read through this entire page before moving on to our ultra-emergency phone number.

Read on only if:

  1. You know in your heart of hearts that you need ice dam removal fast.
  2. You’ve had a hard time getting through to Ice Dam Guys® (or other companies), due to the high demand locally.
  3. You’re willing to pay extra for the ice dam equivalent of ER care, because you need competent and professional help now.

Ice dam removal for an “every minute counts” situation

You’ve had a huge, menacing ice dam on the roof of your home for days – or longer.  For whatever reason, you chose not to get it removed earlier. The ice dam has now caused your roof to leak, and for water to leak into your home.  You don’t know exactly how much water is there.  You only know that you see water where there shouldn’t be water, like coming through your ceilings and walls. More water coming in means that more of your house will leave the door in a wheelbarrow come springtime.

You wanted to avoid ice dam removal.  But now you really want to avoid paying five figures for water damage restoration, mold remediation, renovations, and repainting. That’s why you want to stop the water from invading any more of your home.  And that’s why the fastest, most complete ice dam removal = most money saved in the long run.

Why would you need our 4-Hour Rescue?

You very well may not.  If you haven’t noticed leaks yet, we would guess it’s not a drop-everything emergency just yet.  It may also not be a real emergency yet if all you’ve noticed is a bit of moisture on your ceiling, wall, or window frame (although any moisture means there is a leak, probably caused by an ice dam that you’ll want removed ASAP, before it becomes much worse).

If you don’t know you’ve got an ice dam emergency, you’ll want our standard same-day or next-day service.

Our 4-Hour Rescue service is not a half-measure.  It’s the equivalent of a Medevac chopper to the best ER doctors.   But instead of saving a person, it’s meant to save a home.

Why saving a home isn’t cheap

The 4-Hour Ice Dam Rescue is a premium service at a premium price. If you’re having an ice dam emergency, so are hundreds or thousands of other homeowners near you.  During those emergency times, they call us.  Our phones won’t stop ringing.  That’s why our team of Ice Dam Guys® remove ice dams from 6 in the morning to 11 at night, 7 days a week. That means if you call us at our emergency number and need help now, we’ll need to reschedule and “pay off” another homeowner who’s been patiently waiting their turn.  We call the people who hired us for same-day or next-day service (those lucky few who scheduled with us before the phones blew up) until we find someone whose situation isn’t too urgent.

We ask them if we can come a few hours later than planned – and most often times it ends up being the next day.  When they reluctantly say yes, we knock several hundred dollars or more off their bill. Actually, it’s not uncommon for us to give away more money to an existing customer, than we profit from the increase charge for a 4-Hour Ice Rescue emergency service call.

It’s like when an airline overbooks and asks if someone wants to wait in O’Hare for a few hours (or overnight) until the next flight.  Sure, most people don’t want to, but for that one person or young couple it’s a nice opportunity to save. The only difference is that in our case, Mother Nature is the airline, and the Ice Dam Guys® are the airplane crew that needs to find a way to accommodate everyone. This process is expensive for us, which is why the 4-Hour Ice Dam Rescue is also expensive.

Another way to think of our service is that it’s like the emergency room.  Do you need to visit the ER for most problems or concerns? Of course not.  But when you’ve got an emergency, you can’t wait long enough to see your primary-care doctor next month, next week, or even the next morning.  You can pay to go to the ER and know they’ll help you now and prevent a bad problem from becoming a disaster.

We don’t “sell” or “push” this service on anyone, but much like an emergency room, it’s there if you need it.

What’s the guarantee?

We guarantee a fully equipped Ice Dam Guy at your door within 4 hours or less of scheduling your appointment with us. Of course, we have no way of knowing how long it will take to actually remove the ice dam from your roof (although the average job “typically” takes 3-4 hours).

A couple of prerequisites

As with our less-urgent ice dam removal, there is a minimum charge for the Ice Dam Rescue.  In this case it’s a 3-hour minimum charge.  The job needs to be of a certain magnitude for us to drop what we’re doing and push back other customers and potential customers so that we can come out right away.  But even a non-emergency ice dam removal job almost always takes 2 hours or more to complete.  As in our regular service, the clock starts running as soon as your Ice Dam Guy arrives at your home.   Please know that it takes a little while to meet with you briefly, set up ladders, pull out hoses, fire up the steamer, and so on.  But if you’re home and can give us access to running water (preferably an exterior spigot), we can get on your roof as quickly as possible.

We hope you don’t need a 4-Hour Rescue – but it’s an option

We’re talking about a bill of several thousand dollars. That’s likely far less than what it would take to reconstruct even part of one room. Still, if that sounds too expensive, you probably don’t need this level of emergency service.  Or you may simply feel that reconstruction in the spring is a cheaper alternative.  In either instance we would recommend you not call for our 4-hour Ice Dam Rescue service.

Our 4-Hour Rescue is an option that you have if you feel you need it.  We won’t try to persuade you that you need it.  We simply want to extend the offer.

You only need the 4-Hour Ice Dam Rescue if you know you’re in an every-second-counts situation, where the water leaks in your home are getting progressively worse. Like 911, we have a special phone number.  It goes to a special phone – our Red Phone.

When that phone rings, Jay or Katie will politely but quickly put down our other phones and pick up the Red Phone.  If by chance you receive a voicemail, please leave a very detailed message and we will call you right back.  Your message will take priority over all other messages.

They know that if you call the Red Phone, you must be a concerned homeowner in an emergency situation. Jay and Katie also know that you know what it takes to get to the front of our line immediately, and for us to move someone else back. We will show up to your door within 4 hours (or less) to remove your ice dam and give you peace of mind again.  It all starts with a call to our 4-Hour Ice Dam Rescue number.

Final step

Please don’t call if you “think” you’ve got an emergency situation. You wouldn’t call 911 and ask the operator if you’ve got an emergency.  Only you know.  If you know your ice dam has become a “911” situation, it is time to call our Red Phone. Why didn’t we give your the number of the Red Phone at the top of this page?  To eliminate non-emergency calls to the Red Phone.  We need to keep the line open for people like you, who truly have an emergency.

Also, because we won’t have time to answer general questions over the phone, we need to do our best to give you all the info you’ll need before deciding that you have enough of an emergency to call the Red Phone.  That’s why you’ve read this long page.

Click here to see the Red Phone number.