Our Steam-Only Ice Dam Removal Gives You Safety & Peace of Mind

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Do you have ice dams on your roof? Are you worried about damage to your home—like roof leaks or cave-ins? Do you want the ice dams removed affordably and as soon as possible? If so, then The Ice Dam Guys can help! (Discover more about our services.)

My crew and I provide ice dam removal to the greater Minneapolis / St. Paul area, most of southern/central Minnesota, and parts of Wisconsin. We’ve done so since 1996. We have the experience to remove your ice dams quickly and without damaging your home—because we’ve done it for thousands of homes.

We only use safe and effective steam to remove ice dams. This helps ensure that your roof won’t be damaged in any way.

Our high-powered steamers also make ice dam removal more affordable for you.


They melt ice far more quickly than the typical hot-water squirt guns that many so-called ice dam “experts”use to soak your roof with unnecessary and dangerous amounts of water. Our powerful equipment means you won’t have to pay for needless hours of work.

We offer same-day or next-day ice dam removal to all of greater Minneapolis / St. Paul. We will come to your home when you need us. You’ll never have to wait and worry. By the way, you can rest easy knowing that we are specialists. We’re not roofers who dabble in ice dam removal part-time. All we do in the winter is remove ice dams and snow from roofs.

If you know you need affordable & hassle-free ice dam removal right now, give us a call at 651-964-8557. We’re open 6am to 11pm, 7 days a week, always ready for your call. You can discover more about our services here.

Joe Palumbo - head Ice Dam GuyWe look forward to keeping your home free of ice dams, safe, and comfortable.

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A Division of Palumbo Services, Inc.

P.S.  If you’re trying to prevent ice dams, just grab your roof rake and read this.  But if you’ve already got an ice dam and want it gone ASAP, we can help: Contact us online or call 651-964-8557.



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