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Reviews of Ice Dam Guys®

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You’re smart to do your research on ice dam removal companies. Too many homeowners just wing it and hire a company that compounds their misery.

Some ice dam removal providers do an excellent job. But for each experienced and honest company there are 50 hacks – including many out-of-work contractors, opportunistic boneheads, and the occasional ex-con. They promise great work for few dollars, but often stick you with a higher-than-expected bill, a sloppy job, or a damaged roof (or all three).

Ice Dam Guys® is the best-rated ice dam removal company in the US.  But please don’t take our word for it; we hope you’ll take a few minutes to read reviews our customers have written.  Just search for “Ice Dam Guys” or “Ice Dam Guys reviews.”  Or you can visit review sites like Google Maps, Yelp, Angie’s List, BBB, Facebook, Houzz, and many more (like Thumbtack,  YP, and Foursquare).

We can’t control what customers write on those sites.  You’ll get their unvarnished opinions on how we did.  By reading our reviews at the sources, you’ll draw your own conclusions about us.

Just the same, below is a small handful of recent reviews that we think show what customers love about Ice Dam Guys® and what you can expect of us.


“You Don’t Want to Go Cheap”

“I have never had ice dams before, so when I came downstairs in the morning and had water coming in through a bay window under an overhang I knew I needed help. One call to Ice Dam Guys at 6am, I had Matt onsite within 2 hours. Matt did a great job clearing the ice and kept me updated on progress so I could make informed decision on how much I was going to spend. I wouldn’t say it’s cheap, but if you need the work done you don’t want to go cheap. You want Ice Dam Guys and if you’re lucky you’ll get Matt. Great service.”

Dave Kleiner
(read review on Google Maps)

“Saved Us from Any Big Damage”

“We had a particularly tough job, but Ice Dam Guys and Jake handled it thoroughly, as quickly as possible, and for a reasonable price. I was particularly impressed by how Jake took the time out of the job to teach me how to look for signs of ice damage in the future. They scheduled us the same day as my request – just a couple days before another rain/snow/ice storm. It really saved us from any big damage.”

Brooks Doherty
(read review on Google Maps)

“Expensive, But Likely Saved Us a Lot More”

“We own a mountain cabin with a metal roof and, in six years of ownership, had no issues with leaking of any kind until 2019. After a particularly hard winter, we had a waterfall rolling down the inside of our dining room walls. I was changing towels out once an hour and they were sopping wet. Our contractor and our property manager told us there was nothing we could do and we’d have to wait it out until spring when everything thawed. How in the world was that going to work when no one lives there full time? How much water damage would we have to incur? I got online and found the Ice Dam Guys. I was so nervous to call a company out of the blue and that was offering a procedure neither of my native Utah advisers had ever heard of. My husband and I decided we had to try. That was absolutely the right call. Ty was great. He worked so hard and long removing an ice dam that was about 1.5′ tall. It had gotten so big that it was pushing up the seam of the roof on the dormer window thus allowing the melting water to come inside. He even took pictures for us so we could see the damage he was finding and, because we couldn’t see the area of the roof that was affected, took a picture upon completion (see attached). It took longer than expected and he was very kind in working with us to keep the actual cost as close to the estimate as possible. Following the removal of the ice dam, there has been no more leaking, even through the melting snow in the spring. It was expensive to have the ice dam removed, but likely saved us a lot more in terms of water damage and those expenses.”

Dana Spencer
(read review on Google Maps)

“All the Typical Home Remedies Had Failed”

“The Ice Dam Guys are straight shooters. If you suddenly find yourself stuck with the ice dam problem…as we did…you can”t get a more conscientious and attentive service than The Ice Dam Guys. The technician they sent to us, Kanin, was efficient, courteous, conscientious and a no-nonsense worker. When water started pouring in through the living room ceiling because of ice damming on the roof, we were faced with getting the problem resolved or suffering significant water damage to the house. There was no way we could deal with it on our own. All the typical home remedies had failed simply because the problem was overwhelming. I won’t sugar coat it…this is an expensive and time consuming process. But the Ice Dam Guys are absolutely concerned about your property and making sure there’s no collateral damage to their method. The peace of mind was worth it. Now we can address the root causes of the problem over the summer and hopefully it won’t be an issue in the future.”

Gordon Smuder
(read review on Google Maps)

“Easy to Work with Despite Horrid Weather”

“My experience with them was great. It was a desperate 6 a.m. phone call on a very cold snowy Sunday. By 8 a.m. Virgil was at my house ready to work with a great big smile on his face. He asked me about my problem areas and immediately went to work. Virgil followed all of my instructions and was extremely pleasant and easy to work with despite the horrid weather. I would recommend Ice Dam Guys to anyone.”

“We’d Been Egged”

“I did not call this company about an ice dam, but rather about the vandalization done to my home. I have a two story home and it was egged from top to bottom … soffits, windows, siding, porch, sidewalk, etc. No one does pressure washing in winter, but someone suggested I try ice dam removal companies, and my insurance company found this company. They were called and they called back immediately. After a conference call, we determined that the work would be done during the warm spell when it was above freezing. Their technician, Gary, arrived right on time and we discussed what needed to be done. Gary did an amazing job of cleaning my house. He even went above and above to ensure that the whole front of the house looked the same by cleaning the whole thing. After that, Mike, who came to take pictures showed me where the shut off valve was for the outside spigots, and bled the lines. I am so grateful for their attention to detail and the extra help they gave me. I would recommend this company to anyone that needs attention to their home for any reason. The good news is that my siding and windows were not damaged, which was huge for me.”

Joyce Rother
(read review on Google Maps)

“The Most Upfront with Costs”

“Ice Dam Guys were the only company that seemed to provide true emergency service, I received a call back well within what they set as a guideline for returning messages. I also found them to be the most upfront with costs, minimum hours, and how time was broken out on their work. Removal is not cheap so this approach was greatly appreciated. Andy was at our home within 24 hours and did a fantastic job. We had leaks starting in three rooms which all stopped after he was done with the job. He kept me updated with his progress and what he could actually get done in the time scheduled. Once completed Andy took a bit of time to try and understand why we had ice dams and provided some future recommendations on how to hopefully avoid in future winters. I would recommend Ice Dam Guys and Andy to anyone who had this problem, great work and service.”

Michael Krueger
(read review on Google Maps)

“Made a Very Stressful Experience As Smooth As It Could Possibly Be”

“Like many other people this winter, we had an ice dam emergency where we had water starting to come into the house. Ice Dam Guys made a very stressful experience as smooth as it could possibly be. We called Ice Dam Guy’s emergency number at night, and Anthony, one of their technicians, came out the next morning. Not only did Anthony do an excellent job steaming and removing the ice dam, but he was very clear about making sure I knew how long the process was taking and letting me decide how long I wanted him to work for over the originally stated window. While ice dam removal is certainly not cheap, especially in an emergency situation, I was very satisfied with the quality of the work and would use Ice Dam Guys again in the future.”

Jeffrey Booker
(read review on Google Maps)

“Received a Callback within Minutes”

“Just had a great experience with this group! I discovered a small leak in my home due to an ice dam late on Sunday night. I did my research and decided to call Ice Dam Guys due to their overwhelming positive reviews. I called early Monday morning, left a voicemail, and received a call back about scheduling within minutes! They even scheduled me for just a couple hours later that day. Anthony Manning was my technician and he did an excellent job. We chatted about the problem areas and came up with a plan. It was bitterly cold and he was efficient and thorough. I would definitely use them again!”

Brianna Mahoney
(read review on Google Maps)

“Took Less Than the 2-Hour Minimum”

“We had water dripping in our attic and called the Ice Dam Guys for an assessment. Scheduling was easy and the technician, Gary, arrived on time. He quickly got on the roof and determined where the ice backup was pushing water. Since clearing the problem dam took less than the 2 hour minimum trip charge, we agreed he could use the remaining time to clear additional snow and ice from the roof. He completed the work, cleaned up, and departed. I was completely satisfied with this service.”

David Eccher
(read review on Google Maps)

“Worked Non-Stop and Kept Me Informed”

“This winter has been the one of the worst for snow, ice and freeze thaw cycles in MT (2017/18). For the first time in 22 years living here we were beginning to experience the effects of severe ice buildup in the gutters as well as 15″ of snow on the roof melting during the day and refreezing at night. Knowing that if we didn’t get the problem quickly mitigated we would likely experience severe interior water damage, The Ice Dam Guys were contacted in the afternoon and had Larry and a helper in our driveway the next morning along with the necessary equipment. They worked pretty much non-stop for over 4 hours clearing snow and ice as well as documenting the issues for insurance purposes. Larry as well as his helper worked in a safe and professional manner and kept me well informed of progress. When I needed the photos taken by Larry as well as some additional detail on the invoice for insurance, Jay in your MN office was helpful and very prompt in providing it. Hope to not go thru this again, but if faced with the same situation, would call on The Ice Dam guys for help.”

Dan Vaughn
(read review on Google Maps)

As we mentioned, those are but a few reviews of hundreds.  To see more reviews, just search for “Ice Dam Guys” or “Ice Dam Guys reviews,” or visit specific online review sites: Google Maps, Yelp, Angie’s List, BBB, Facebook, Houzz, etc.

If you want help from the best ice dam removal company on God’s green earth, contact us today.

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