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Ice Dam Removal in Boston, MA – Same-Day Service from America’s Top-Rated Ice Dam Removal Co.

Looking for a safety-conscious ice dam company in Boston – one that will remove the ice dam from your roof when you need it gone?   Look no farther than Ice Dam Guys. We offer same-day and next-day service throughout Massachusetts, but many of our jobs are in greater Boston.

In Boston’s record-breaking winter of 2015, we sent 36 Ice Dam Guys – and our entire fleet of customized steamers – from Minnesota to Massachusetts to help Boston-area homeowners protect their homes from leaks and other damage. Boston’s news channels noticed us.

We saw 5 feet of solid ice on some roofs, stretching all the way to the ground. Gnarly even by our Minnesota standards.

We worked around the clock, partly because Massachusetts seems not to have any companies that specialize in ice dam removal.  In fact, there aren’t many specialist ice dam removal companies anywhere.  Other companies went to Boston after us, but they jacked up their rates, price-gouging Bostonians all the while. (Remember when the Garden was replaced by the “Fleece Center”?)

No Trip Charges

We did not and will never charge Boston residents a penny more than we would in Minnesota. Our prices don’t change, no matter where we’re doing our steaming. We don’t think that would be fair or right. We don’t even have a need for “trip charges”: if you’ve got an ice dam, so do your neighbors, which means we’re probably in town already.

Same-Day & Next-Day Service

That’s also why we can offer you same-day or next-day ice dam removal.

Bostonians appreciate our fast and safe work and old-fashioned customer service. Many of them were kind enough to invite our Ice Dam Guys in for dinners and beeahs. We’ve developed a fondness for the city and the people.

One of our Boston customers even told reporters that, “These guys who came from Minnesota were like a godsend.”


We’ll Be There When You Need Us

2015 was not, of course, the only year that Boston had to face huge snowstorms, and it’s sure as thunder won’t be the last. 27.5 inches of snow in ‘03, 22.5 inches in ‘05, 24.9 inches in ‘13…we expect Boston homeowners to continue to need the help that we can provide.  In fact, according to The Farmer’s Almanac and the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the 2016-2017 winter is going to bring another rough winter. Snowfall is again expected to be “above normal.” Almanacs may have their critics, but given the kinds of ice dams we’ve removed in the Boston area, we know better than to bet against them.

We’re rated A+ by the BBB.  We won the Angie’s List Super Service Award in 2013, 2014, and 2015.  Some of our happy customers (including many from MA) have spoken up on Google+ and Yelp.

Please keep our phone number handy.  We now have Ice Dam Guys who live in the city – in addition to our frosty Minnesota natives – and are just a phone call away when the ice dams return.

Call 508-251-8191

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