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Service Areas – Nationwide Steam Ice Dam Removal Service Near You

Call us at 1-800-ICE-DAMS if you have an ice dam on your roof and want it removed safely. We are properly licensed, bonded, and insured. You can end the leaks with a phone call.

Nationwide Ice Dam Removal Service by a company you can trust

We’re based in Minnesota and provide safe, steam-only ice dam removal in 34 snowy states, and have removed ice dams in most of those states.  We also serve southern Canada.

Though we’re best-known for saving homes, we’re also the only Federally Registered contractors in the ice dam removal space, and therefore the only ice dam removal company approved to remove ice dams on US Government buildings.

Wherever in North America it snows enough that you might get an ice dam on your roof, you can get a competent, experienced, and friendly Ice Dam Guys® tech to remove the ice dam safely with steam. As the ice dam removal company with the best reviews, most news coverage, and a reputation for old-fashioned excellence and customer service, we get calls from across the USA.

Call us now at 1-800-ICE-DAMS to ask if we have Ice Dam Guys® technicians in your area already, or click on a link below to see more about our service area and our experience in your state.

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(MN, WI, ND, SD, IL, OH, IA, MI, IN, NE, KS, MO)


Arguably the ice dam capital of the USA, Minnesota is our home. We wouldn’t be in this business if we didn’t grow up in and live in a place with heavy-duty winters, where ice dams are a recurring problem in need of a safe solution. Our HQ is in the Twin Cities, and most of us live in or very near Minneapolis & St. Paul. Most of our Ice Dam Guys® techs – including our owner, Joe Palumbo – are native Minnesotans. We’ve removed ice dams around here for nearly 20 years, including up north, in places like Duluth. We were the premier Twin Cities ice dam removal company before we became the most-trusted ice dam company across the rest of the US. Though we help homeowners wherever ice dams are a problem, we always have an Ice Dam Guys® crew a call away here in the Land of 10,000 Snow Storms. We’re the top-rated ice dam removal company in the US (just Google us), but we just happen to be right near you.



We love the short trip across the river to help Wisconsin homeowners with ice dams. Pretty much every winter we’ve got ice dams in Minnesota, you’ve got them in Wisconsin, which means we send over guys frequently. Two of our best Ice Dam Guys® techs, Chad and Mark, are Wisconsinites. Many of our jobs have been in the Madison area, but we serve the entire state, including greater Milwaukee and Eau Claire.


North Dakota

We’ve gotten calls from Bismarck, Fargo, and other parts of North Dakota just up I-94 from us.


South Dakota

Of course, we serves our neighbors to the west. The eastern part of South Dakota (like around Sioux Falls) is close enough that we can usually offer our signature same-day service without having to send “away team” to stay at a local hotel.



In some winters Illinois sees Minnesota-grade snow and cold. But, as the 5th-biggest state in the US, Illinois has more than its share of out-of-work contractors who need work in the winter, see the ice dams, and see dollar signs. That’s particularly true in the Chicago area. When we see an ice dam, we see a thousand details we need to get right to remove it safely and efficiently. We’re proud to serve safety-conscious homeowners in the land of Honest Abe Lincoln.




Ice dams aren’t a big concern in all of Ohio, but the Cleveland, Akron, and Toledo areas get some heavy snow due to their proximity to Lake Erie. Ice dams aren’t a frequent enough problem that the Buckeye State has a company of ice dam removal specialists (that we know of), which is why we get calls from Ohio and proudly serve Ohio. In the winter of 2018 we removed many ice dams in Northeast Ohio, from Cleveland to Akron to Ashtabula.



Not far from our Minneapolis HQ, Iowans from Sioux Falls to Des Moines to Cedar Rapids call Ice Dam Guys® for help when the winter is even rougher than usual.



We serve both sides of the Mackinac Bridge, from Marquette to Detroit to Grand Rapids and Lansing.



Known more for fertile soil than for big ugly ice dams, Indiana sees its share of snow. That’s especially true if you’re in the northern part of the Hoosier state, in South Bend, or Gary, or in another community close to Lake Michigan.



Nebraska winters are some of the harshest we’ve seen (especially given the winds). You can always call in the cavalry. We serve Nebraskans in Lincoln and Omaha, as well as in the western end of the Cornhusker state.



The heart of the Heartland, Kansas can get a bit of Midwestern cold and Rockies cold – and sometimes the snow and ice dams that come with it.



Based just a few hundred miles up the Missouri from you, Ice Dam Guys® has the kind of customer reviews that you, a Show Me State homeowner, would demand to see.





The only place where we’ve removed more ice dams is our native Minnesota. We removed hundreds of ice dams in Massachusetts in the record-breaking winter of 2015, and sent Ice Dam Guys® technicians back in February of 2017 and January of 2018. Most of our jobs have been in greater Boston, particularly in Metrowest, but we get constant calls throughout eastern Mass and sometimes in the Worcester area and farther west. Although we don’t care much for the drivers in Mass, we admire how Bay Staters care for their homes, and we always appreciate their warmth and hospitality.



The grand old homes in Connecticut attract equally impressive ice dams. We’ve been to New England twice (2015 and 2017), and both times removed ice dams in Connecticut – particularly around Hartford and in the eastern part of the state.



Vacationland is so nice that ice dams visit, too. As the only state on the East Coast as far north as our native Twin Cities, Maine gets heavy-duty snow, but it usually doesn’t cause serious problems. When it does, you can rest easy knowing that we’re probably in New England already, and that we’ve removed ice dams in Maine before (in the winter of 2017).


Rhode Island

Most people think of the ocean when they think of the Ocean State. We think of the big, leaky, New England ice dams we removed in RI in 2015 and 2017. Most of our jobs have been in the eastern half of the state, from Woonsocket to Providence to Coventry. But, as Midwesterners, we don’t find it too daunting to drive across Rhode Island, so we serve the entire state.


New Hampshire

It’s difficult to Live Free when you’re worried about an ice dam causing leaks and forcing you to fork over for expensive home repairs. When we’ve been to New Hampshire in the past, most of our calls have been in the southern part of the state (Manchester to Nahshua to Keene), but we serve homeowners right up to the Quebec border.



Homeowners in the Green Mountain State are used to snow, but your roof might not hold up as well. We’ve removed ice dams in Vermont on the occasions we’ve come to New England. Two of our finest ice dam removal experts, Shawn and Ryan, are native Vermonters.


New York

Upstate New York (especially Syracuse, Buffalo, and Rochester) is legendary for heavy snowfall, but greater NYC and Long Island occasionally have ice dam problems, too. Ice Dam Guys® serves the entire Empire State.


New Jersey

As the most densely-populated state in the US, New Jersey has no shortage of roofs, many of them on great old homes. In an unusually heavy winter, that means the Garden State can become an ice dam crisis zone in short time. If this winter is that winter, we can help.



Few states have both East Coast and Midwestern-type winters. Pennsylvania is one of them. We sent a crew to Erie in the record-breaking winter of 2017-2018, where we helped hundreds of homeowners. Whether you’re near Erie, Pittsburgh, the Poconos, or Philly, Ice Dam Guys® can handle whatever Mother Nature has thrown at your home.

Giant ice dam on roof of Erie, PA home

Giant ice dam on roof of Erie, PA home


Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia

At the southern edge of “ice dam country,” the DC area usually doesn’t have an ice dam problem. Usually. The exceptions are notable, like Winter Storm Jonas (at the beginning of 2016), when we removed ice dams and snow in DC, Virginia, and Maryland.



The First State’s maritime climate means unpredictable, sometimes very damaging winters. You probably don’t have an ice dam on the roof of your Delaware home every winter, but if you do, Ice Dam Guys® has you covered.


(ID, OR, WY, MT, UT, WA, CA, NV, CO, AK)


2017 started off with a bang in Idaho. Storm after storm made roads and roofs dangerous. Though known for harsh weather, Idaho doesn’t usually get as much snow in Minnesota, so there was (and still is) a lack of professional and experienced ice dam removal specialists in Idaho. We sent Ice Dam Guys® techs and kept them there for about 6 weeks, helping homeowners from Boise to Pocatello to Coeur d’Alene and throughout Idaho.



Oregon’s winter of 2017 surprised us, and it surprised many Oregonians. We removed hundreds of ice dams in the Bend area over the course of about 3 weeks, and got many calls from the Portland area as well.



Two of our finest Ice Dam Guys® techs are from Wyoming, and they told us the snowfall and ice dams could be downright Biblical. We didn’t appreciate that fully until we sent a crew to Wyoming in the winter of 2017 and saw for ourselves. The Jackson area in particular had some of the heaviest ice dams we’ve seen. Even when most of the rest of the USA saw a record-breaking heat wave, we were still steaming ice dams in Wyoming.  We’ve also removed ice dams in the Casper and Lander areas.



Big Sky, big state, big homes, big ice dams. We’ve removed ice dams in (or gotten calls from) Billings, Helena, Missoula, Kalispell, Bozeman, Butte, and Great Falls.



We’ve removed many an ice dam in the Salt Lake City area, especially in Park City, Ogden, West Jordan, and West Valley City. We went to Utah for the first time in January-February of 2017, and have removed ice dams in Utah every winter since then.  Given how Utahans care about protecting the family home, we know we’ll be back next time ice dams even start to become a hazard.



Most people who’ve never been to Washington just think “lots of rain,” but we’ve removed some heavy-duty ice dams in Washington, particular in the eastern half of the state, around Spokane.



At the beginning of 2017, the 5-plus-year drought in California ended with 10+ feet of snow in some parts of the Sierra Nevadas, particularly around Lake Tahoe. A perfect storm for ice dam removal, as our California callers told us.



We serve pretty much any snowy part of the Silver State, north of Sin City – particularly the Nevada half of Lake Tahoe, plus Carson City, Reno, and Sparks.



Coloradans and their homes are so used to heavy snow that it might take a downright Biblical winter for you to need ice dam removal. We get many calls from Colorado, particularly from the Denver area and Colorado Springs and sometimes from Vail and surrounding mountain communities.

ice dam removal in Denver



How could we not serve the biggest, northernmost, and snowiest state in America? (Our owner, Joe Palumbo, loves to hunt game in Alaska, and has seen the snow.)


(KY, WV)


As one who lives in the Birthplace of Lincoln, you’re probably looking for an honest company that specializes in safe ice dam removal. Just Google our name and you’ll know your search has ended – with the end of the ice dam on your roof soon to follow.


West Virginia

With some of the most rugged geography this side of Minnesota, the Mountain State has harsh winters and – once in a blue moon – serious ice dams.

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