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Minnesota’s Top-Rated Ice Dam Removal Company

Ice Dam Guys are based in Minneapolis, but offer same-day and next-day ice dam removal throughout Minnesota. 

We use only safe steam, have 20+ years of experience, have the only kind of insurance policy that protects you, and are America’s top-reviewed ice dam removal company

We’re very proud to say that over two hundred of our happy customers have reviewed us – and we’re even happier to say that even they are only a small cross-section of all the happy Ice Dam Guys customers between here and Timbuktu.  Of course, many of those happy customers are Minnesotans.

We are not aware of any other ice dam removal company with a comparably high number and quality of reviews and ratings, so we are confident we’ve earned the title of the top-rated ice dam removal company in Minnesota and in the US.

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Our 4.9-star rating tells you that the vast majority of our reviews are 5-star reviews.  You’ll notice that if you dig into the reviews, too.

Of course, Google isn’t the only place where you’ll find our reviews. Please also check out sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, BBB, Facebook, Houzz, and other review sites.

But why do you care about choosing the best ice dam removal company? It’s not like you get ice dams on your roof every day, so isn’t “good enough” all you need to get by – just this once?

Well, if you don’t mind endangering your roof, we would agree.  If you planned to get a new roof in the spring anyway, we would probably agree that you don’t need the “best,” and that the lowest bidder might be good enough.

If that’s your situation, you’re in luck.  Some companies don’t use ice dam steamers, but rather hot water than can damage even basic asphalt roofs. Their methods become a nightmare when they work with tile or slate roofs. We’ve seen less experienced companies rip away thousands of dollars of tile because they didn’t know what they’re doing.

Nor do these companies save you money if your roof is made of glass or has skylights or solar panels.  They’ll crunch the glass like peanut shells, because with their primitive tools and techniques they will blast too hard.

Sure, if you don’t mind working with a company that would rather find excuses to stay on your roof longer and drive up the billable hours. Often, they’ll low-ball your “estimate” over the phone, only to tell you later that they just couldn’t anticipate how bad it would be.

We, on the other hand, do everything we can to minimize our time on the roof. We want to get rid of your ice dams safely and save you money – because we’re good guys, and because our reputation means more business for us.

We don’t try to trick you by providing estimates, because there is no way to provide even an honest guess until we’ve cleared most of the snow from the roof, so we can see the ice that’s underneath.

We do not trick you with trip charges, hidden fees, or other “gotchas.”

Sure, we probably charge more per-hour than the lowest bidders, but we’re transparent with you about how we charge.

Engineers say that a project can be “Good, cheap, or fast – pick any two.”  We won’t go as low as (say) an out-of-work roofer or gutter cleaner who needs winter income, but we are the best and fastest ice dam removal company you’ll find.  Few other companies offer same-day or next-day service, which is what you’ll need in an ice dam emergency. We make sure we’ve always got multiple pieces of functioning equipment on hand, so that we can get the job done for you no matter what.

Our 200+ online reviews don’t just tell you that we’ve removed a great many ice dams. They also tell you that we’ve helped people stop leaks and keep their homes safe. We hope they convey that we’ve done that hard work with honesty and courtesy. We show up with smiles on our faces and leave our customers’ homes in better shape than we found them.

You can expect the same level of service from Ice Dam Guys.  From our Minneapolis / Twin Cities HQ, we offer same-day and next-day ice dam removal throughout Minnesota.  Give us a call the next time you’re staring at a wall of ice on your roof.

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